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Family Law

Consensual separation, judicial separation, amicable divorce, contested divorce, procedure of international family law, shared custody, full custody, international abduction of minors, child support, spousal support, de facto family, more uxorio cohabitation, regulation of custody and maintenance of children born from cohabitations, heterosexual and homosexual cohabitation contracts, civil unions, dissolution of civil unions, non-compliance with family care obligations, stalking and family abuse, defamation through the press or social networks.

Hereditary Successions

Legal assistance for inheritance and hereditary cases, legitimate succession, testamentary succession, contest the will, mediation inheritance dispute, international successions.

Heritage Protection

Trust and protection of the family heritage, family trust

Minors Protection

Family relation's law, children custody, child support, family mediation, sonship, natural and international adoption, parental responsibility, protection and care of the child, loss of the parental responsibility, suspension of the parental responsibility, international child abduction, proceedings at the Children’s Court.

The Firm

The firm is located in an elegant building in La Spezia, via Don Minzoni 2, near Molo Italia, Strada Provinciale 331 and the Italian Navy military arsenal.

To offer a dynamic and flexible structure and organization, it can provide concrete and effective responses to customer needs, following them at 360 ° and making use of the collaboration of experts in every matter.

Within the team, there is also a psychotherapist, who’s specialized in family crises.

Furthermore, collaboration with numerous other firms specializing in family law is active: it is thus possible to assist the client in any court in the nation.

Legal Advice

At the law firm in via Don Minzoni 2, in La Spezia, you can take advantage of the advice of a qualified lawyer, able to provide specialized assistance in every phase of the family law sector, for example in the case of:

  • Divorce
  • Apotions
  • Child custody
  • Separations of de facto childless families
  • Separations of de facto families with children
  • Proceedings at the Children’s Court
  • Natural paternity awards
  • Private international law
  • Successions

The divorce lawyer guides the clients in the best actions to be taken to protect themselves and assert the rights of the persons involved, for example of any minor children. The Firm evaluates any economic, psychological, and social implications, offering complete legal support starting from consultancy up to assist in the trial.


The team of the Sperandeo Firm is made up of specialists in all subjects: in addition to the divorce lawyer, she is a lawyer for the collaboration of lawyers for child-related cases, as well as family mediators and psychotherapists to provide valid psychological assistance.

Cases of:

  • Amicable divorce: when there is a common agreement between the spouses to proceed with the dissolution of the marriage bond
  • Contested divorce: when one of the spouses does not intend to grant a divorce or if there are violations of the marriage agreement.

With the new short divorce procedure, the whole process can last from six to twelve months: it takes three years to complete the divorce proceedings.

AMI Liguria’s President since 2013, she works in civil law sector, especially in family law, dealing with civil liability, inheritance, and protection of property and assets.

Graduated in Law in Parma University and graduated in Canon law in Pontifical Lateran University, she has a pluriannual experience as both civil lawyer and Judge of Tribunale Ecclesiastico Regionale Ligure. This dual point of view therefore allows it to observe, analyze, and protect the family as the primary cell of society in all its forms, keeping its skills constantly updated.

How do you become a family law attorney?

There is no doubt that natural human skills, such as serenity and intellectual honesty, are required to advocate in family law. But one becomes an expert lawyer in this matter only with the apprenticeship and with immense sacrifices. Nothing is by chance in life. You have to study and be lucky enough to practice in a prestigious law firm that deals with family law, participate in courses, have the curiosity to learn. And then better organize your law firm.

Deontological aspects are fundamental in family law. An excellent marriage / divorce / family lawyer (who are the same) must have balance and mediation skills. It doesn’t have to be an aggressive warmonger. He must not play dirty on children’s skin.

The family lawyer must not endorse the client’s intentions for revenge, but seek the truth and solutions. Take or leave.

And above all, he/she must always respect the rights and interests of children who must not be a spoil of war or a weapon of blackmail, revenge or vindication.

This and nothing else must be the real family law attorney.

Marzia Sperandeo

“Born in La Spezia in 1974, where I live. After the High School degree on 28.10.1998, I graduate in Law at Parma University – thesis in Penal Law with 110/100. I immediately started the forensic practice differentiating my training: 1st year of civil practice at the civil law firm; 2nd year of criminal practice at criminal law firm.

Terminated the training, in 2000 I started a professional collaboration at an attorney firm as Legal Patron. I started taking care especially about family law and medical liability.

In 2002, as i started my ability exam, I am part of the bar association of La Spezia.

In the meantime, in October 2000 I enrolled in the Faculty of Canon Law at the Pontifical Lateran University – Vatican City, in order to complete the process of studies that would have allowed me to sponsor also in the Ecclesiastical Courts, shuttling between La Spezia and Rome every week. Indeed, the obligation to attend was required. Therefore I divided myself between the work in the study and the university.

In October 2003, i graduated in Canon marriage law at Pontifical Lateran University – Vatican City with top marks (summa cum laude).

In 2004 i received my first assignment as Defender of the Bond at the Tribunale Ecclesiastico Regionale Ligure. In summary, the Defender of the Bond is the public part (like the Public Prosecutor in criminal proceedings) of the process for the declaration of nullity of the canonical marriage.

In the meanwhile, since these were not positions incompatible with the exercise of the profession, I continued my professional activity.

For two years I collaborate also as legal advisor with Privacylab, where I took care also of privacy training course.

On 2006 i finished also my master at Scuola Superiore S. Anna in Pise on “Health responsibility between jurisprudential practices and litigation techniques”, given that in those years I also dealt with these matters. Also in 2006 I finished my master at Scuola Superiore S. Anna in Pise – Divisone alta formazione – on “familiar crise law”.

In October 2006 i finished my PhD in Canon Law at Pontifical Lateran University – Vatican City with one-year seminar in forensic psychiatry with full marks.

Since October 2007 I am Instructor Judge at the Tribunale Ecclesiastico Regionale Ligure, always in the context of marriage nullity proceedings.

On 2006 I opened my first law firm.

Family law has become my main subject, and then exclusive, and I have continued training in this sector, collaborating, for example, from 2008 to 2010 with a specialist magazine on family law, with monthly publications (Family law observatory)

From 2008 to July 2013: I also held the position as a legal member in the Ethical Committee of the ASL n. 5 of La Spezia.

From 2010 onwards, I was a speaker at conferences organized by the La Spezia Bar Council on family law or canon law.

Since April 2013 I am AMI Liguria’s President. I also am a Member of Giunta Esecutiva Nazionale dell’Associazione. I’ve been spokeswoman in several national congresses on Family Law, subject of which I now deal exclusively. AMI has played a leading role in numerous initiatives and has collaborated on the most important family and civil rights reforms.

Actually, my firm has collaborations with colleagues and professionals on all the country. Family Law is a matter of its multidisciplinary nature, and therefore we collaborate with psychologists (our consultants in family procedures), psychiatrists, private investigators, accountants, and university teachers.

Since 2018 I have opened a branch of my studio also in the heart of Genoa, in Viale Sauli 5/22.

Since 2016 I am Cassationist.”

Recent Articles


Always oriented towards the search for a balance point aimed at safeguarding the rights of the parties involved in the conflict, the lawyer Sperandeo aims to fully accomplish what is the most noble function of the lawyer, namely the resolution of any potential conflict.

In this perspective, the lawyer Marzia Sperandeo’s firm boasts a network of professionals who are experts in the reference sectors (accountants, mediators, notaries and psychologists). In this way, complete and high-quality assistance is provided relating to each customer interest profile both nationally and internationally.


Individual and couple psychotherapy. treatment of anxiety disorders, panic, phobias, avoidances, somatizations, eating disorders, emotional and relationship problems.


Systemic-relational psychologist-psychotherapist, EMDR therapist for overcoming trauma and mourning.

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